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You can also set the photos to not have any preview mode. That way, no one will know you are really taking photos. This app makes you feel like a spy on a mission as you can choose different scopes to look through the camera of your iPhone. To take a picture, simply tap the bottom left corner button of the camera. ReconBot is a stealth video recording app that shows a black screen while it records a video.

All your recordings can then be stored securely within the app which has a dot lock system. Recordings can be trimmed and shared via email.


You can also enable location on your iPhone to determine where the recording happened. This app explores the feed from many live cameras around the world. It is not known how they have access to these cameras as nothing is stated on their app page. However, it is fun to scroll through security cameras from all around the world. You just might stumble across some interesting sights. This is another security recording app to make people unaware that your iPhone is capturing a video.

The recording will begin if triggered by motion or sound. There is also the option to take photos every few seconds.

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The time and date will be shown on the recorded video. The files can then be emailed or exported through iTunes. You can favourite any camera on the list if you find it interesting. Although there is the option to monitor your own network camera, it only works with the paid version of the app.

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Live Cams Pro is yet another app where you can view public cameras from all around the world. You are also able to add your own webcam and monitor it with this app. It supports a whole list of IP camera models which you can use to monitor your home in case you are going away on vacation for awhile or if you want to keep an eye on things at home, from the workplace. This app is another app that has a map full of webcam cameras you can view.

Not only that, you can control some of the cameras viewing angle limited viewing angle with on screen controls. With this app, you can broadcast your own webcam for the world to see. You can also make it private for your personal viewing. The main drawback with the Nest Cam IQ is its price.

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But if you want the best quality, and are prepared to shell out for it, the Nest Cam IQ is probably the camera for you. Read our full review: Nest Cam IQ. The design is more traditional, with a white plastic casing, and a black surround for the camera lens. Read our full review: Hive Camera. Resolution: p HD streaming Footage recording: one day free, 14 days with subscription Audio: two-way.

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It has some intelligent features that allow you to set zones in your home — so, for example, if you want to know every time your dog jumps up on the couch, you can designate the couch as a zone, and any movement in that zone gets included in your digitally edited highlights reel of the day. Like the Hive View it has an onboard battery, and so can be removed from its dock and used wirelessly for a short time.

Read our full review: Logi Circle. Although we think it's the best affordable option for keeping an eye on your home when you're away, the design might feel flimsy. It also doesn't offer premium features, such as 4K streaming or cloud-based video storage, and it's only available right now in the UK. However, it does handle the basics very well, and also doubles up as a baby monitor thanks to two-way audio and the ability to play lullabies remotely. The Netatmo Presence is a definite statement of a security camera. Its hefty black body feels significant to hold, and is difficult to miss.

Adding to the deterrence factor is the powerful dimmable LED floodlight, which you can adjust to your specified brightness. One frustration is that the camera works over Wi-Fi, and that means it needs to be within communicating range of your router to work. Read our review: Netatmo Presence.

The Nest Cam Outdoor is, unsurprisingly, the outdoor camera from Nest. The one fault we have to pick with the Nest Cam Outdoor is that it connects to its base with a magnet, meaning a thief could feasibly pluck it from the base, and, er… steal it. By necessity due to their pinhole camera size and designed intention to remain inconspicuous in plain sight, these may be designed with appreciably long wireless battery life in mind by way of clever motion activation.

A number of them also transmit live feeds via WiFi connections for real-time viewing and instant storage, either to built-in DVR storage or cloud servers. While versatile in their adaptability to nearly any setting in a home or office, several models without shrewd, subtle disguises are simple enough in their designs and minute enough to mount quickly, quietly and easily nearly anywhere without high chances of detection. Some spy cameras are embedded inside operational objects for a reason: in addition to not being at all obvious housings, a DVD player or smoke alarm that doesn't work would be suspicious if not replaced.

However, some of these covers would be easily blown in certain settings, like a CIA operative arriving "undercover" as a fully uniformed NFL quarterback at a black-tie gala. On the other hand, these more subtle dressings are unlike to stand out or even be actively meddled with to a great degree in nearly any placement, making them ideal sets of silent, vigilant eyes and ears to have an undeniable record of proof in case needed for a court of law. Sign in Register. Quick view. Tiny Spy Cameras Give Keen Versatile Surveillance Clever as some disguises for mini spy cameras may be, they're still guaranteed to look out-of-place in certain settings.

Important Features For Mini Spy Cameras If you let the size of these tiny spy cameras fool you into dismissing their functionality, then congratulations: in a way, you've just demonstrated their effectiveness. What is Your Question? Recently Viewed. Sorry, there are no products.

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