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Business Value to Your Clients Your clients will realize true business value by leveraging SolarWinds Mail Assure to eliminate malware attacks, email outages and policy violations.

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Related Content. Remote Support Software. Organizations of any size are vulnerable to cyber attacks and data loss. Learn how email monitoring software solutions help protect businesses. Remote Desktop Monitor. Remote Administration Software. Backup and Recovery Solutions. This can help improve workplace efficiency drastically, and ensure compliance and company standards are being adhered too.

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Monitoring employee email is also one of the most effective methods for both identifying and preventing insider threats to your orginization. This also can provide insight in to which employees are disgruntled so action can be taken before they become a threat to your business. The monitoring of email activity is also extremely valuable for auditing company compliance for employees who work in fields like customer service, collaboration, public relations and all other roles which rely heavily on sending outgoing email daily.

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Alerting system when someone tries to do something suspicious. How its work? Firstly, you have to sign up to TeraMind for free.

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Now, install Teramind to target personal computer. Then, you can customize settings as per your needs. Email Monitoring Software for Mac - WebWatcher WebWatcher is a proprietary software which is mainly designed to track emails of the target device which is running on Mac operating system. Purchase this device from the official website and create a WebWatcher account. The install it on target Mac device. Log in with your credentials. Then click on start monitoring.

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